Protein-Only Diet

Is it true that protein-only diet will help one lose weight fast?

  • Yes, it will help you lose weight but eliminating entire food groups from your meals and living on only protein will result in your body not getting all the nutrients it needs and such deficiencies may lead to sickness and looking older than your age (premature aging).
  • Moreover once you return to eating the way you used to eat, the body begins to store fat again.

What foods can one take freely when trying to lose weight?

  • All fresh fruits and fresh fruit juices especially the ones with low sugar content such as grapes, lemon, berries etc can be taken freely.
  • All vegetable (Soko, Guru, Tete, Ugu in Igbo( spinach), bitter-leaf, runner beans, cabbage, carrot, waterleaf, tomatoes, okro etc can be taken freely. The following are particularly recommended for weight loss since they can be eaten raw
  • Cucumber: contains little or no calorie
  • Garden egg: contains little or no calorie
  • Lettuce: produces satiety and sedative effects therefore good for those on weight loss diet who would need to retire early.

Why fruits and vegetables usually recommended for weight loss?

  • Fruits and vegetables actually help you to burn calories because the calories gained from them are usually less than the calories expended to burn them.

Which other foods are encouraged more than others?

  • Sweet potatoes: They produce satiety effect and may be more useful compared with other tubers.
  • Legumes e.g. beans, soy beans.
  • Nuts: Raw nuts ( compared to roasted )help to preserve the vital nutrients that aid in giving your body what it needs to maintain proper far burning hormone levels and appease your appetite. The end result is faster weight loss by eating these healthy fats.

What foods should one avoid to achieve sustained weight loss?

  • Soft drinks ( including the Bitter ones), sugar, honey, glucose, sweets, chocolate etc
  • Beverages like chocolate drinks etc
  • All alcoholic drinks
  • All pastries including meat pie, doughnut, sausage, gala and all biscuits
  • All fried foods.
  • Jam, marmalade, salad cream, butter, margarine etc
  • It’s good to avoid too much fat and oil since fat produces 9 calories per gram compared to protein and carbohydrate’s 4 calories per gram
  • All processed foods

What are the important things to take note of and practice in losing weight?

  • What works for taking off weight permanently and keeps you healthy and looking younger include:


  • The World Health Organization (WHO) recommends that everyone should have at least 30 minutes of regular, physical activity of moderate intensity ( e.g. walking) for 5 days per week to reduce the risk of several common non-communicable diseases (NCDs). This is for everybody; someone who wants to lose weight will need to do more than this.
  • If you can avoid eating any more than was consumed before the weight loss venture and can burn off an additional 500 calories every day, you can lose 500g or ½ kg a week. 1.61 km walked or run, or 8.05 km on a bike, burns 100 calories. If you can do five miles a day every day and not eat any more no matter where you are or what you are doing, you can lose 1/2a kg a week. Or, you can cut 250 calories per day ( if you are eating more than necessary) and walk 4 kg to accomplish the same thing.
  • After attaining the ideal weight for your height, make exercise your lifestyle to maintain it.


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